Monday, October 8, 2012

Hoping that the name value of our school becomes famous…

Last Firday, Pianist Danil Trifonov was debut at Pickman Hall by venerable Celebrity Series of Boston. I was wondering the reason that he chooses Pickman Hall as first on stage in Boston, concerning his brilliant career. It is natural that most people want to perform at famous hall or place. Of course, I admit that our school has a great Hall in terms of acoustic sound and balance.
However, after Q&A session on last Thursday, I seem to understand the reason that he chooses our School.

On the one hand, I thought it is great opportunity to make the name of our school famous to more people. When I have a conversation with someone living n Boston, they still do not realize the existence of our school. I would like to know many people remember our school name through events like this series.

On the other hand, I would think it is better to increase the value of our school’s name by promoting the performance ability of our students. The best school is not always fixed. It can be differed depending on the average ability of the students at a certain year. Yet, it is still true that people in the neighboring community have little chance of knowing the level of performance of Longy students. If we increase opportunities about this chance, people living in Boston would be more familiar with the name of our school.

Pianist Trifonov inaugurates Boston series with captivating mastery

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