Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beijing International Composition Workshop

The Beijing International Composition Workshop is a 10 day annual summer workshop.  This workshop gathers excellent faculty and promising composers from all over the world.  During the workshop the composers will take private lessons, hear faculty lectures, participate in composition seminars, conducting courses and rehearsals, as well as in two culminating concerts to present their works, exchange ideas, and explore creative notions and means.  In addition, as a special component, Chinese cultural and musical heritage will be presented in lectures and panel discussions.  Topics will include Chinese traditional instruments, Chinese folk music, and Chinese contemporary musical tendencies.

Since 2009, the workshop has invited some outstanding composers and performers to take part in this study and forum, such as the German composer Dieter Mack, Swedish Italian composer Luca Francesconi, Japanese composer Akira Nishimura, American Chinese composers Chen Yi and Zhou Long, Chinese composer Guo Wenjing, Ye Xiaogang, etc. In 2010, I took part in this workshop.  I was able to meet outstanding composers, performers, and enjoy working with them.  The workshop let traditional Chinese musicians give lectures to introduce the history, culture, sounds, and performance techniques of their instruments.  This gave me a chance to learn how to combine western and eastern music practices. 

Music is a type of abstract art without borders. As a young composer, it would be beneficial if we could experience different cultures in person. The experience leads to multiple ways of thinking and expressing ideas. With fresh ideas rushing into our minds, more creative inspirations will appear. This process in widening our horizons also helps us to find our own voice in composition.

This summer, the workshop will be held as usual. I think it would be a good summer program, especially for someone who is interested in Eastern music, language, and culture. 

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