Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The MetroWest Opera!

The way I became aware of the MetroWest opera was through a former colleague of mine from The Hartt School of Music.  I was also shocked that I had not known about this company, because the rehears in the same town I live in, Newton.

This company was founded by Soprano, Dana Schnitzer in 2007.  Dana has received degrees from Boston University, New England Conservatory as well as Umass Amherst.  I think its great that a younger student created a company with such high creative goals.  The Metro West opera was created to "provide quality performance opportunities for emerging opera singers, while enriching the arts community in the MetroWest area."  Basically it seems as though Dana created something that she herself wished she had in the time of her emergence into the opera scene.

They also state that they are "committed to producing a professional operatic experience for the rising star who sings with us (the company).    This is a wonderful objective that gives opera singers whose voices are just about to be at the peak level, get the experience and knowledge from a well oiled opera stepping stone.  The MetroWest opera is a great stepping stone, or middle step for an opera singer to gain a lot skills before moving on to more serious higher paid gigs.

One last aspect of this company is that it also has a community aspect, in which it works with children with a love for opera by using outreach performance in schools throughout the Boston area.

Another great aspect, which only adds to the emerging star qualities of the Metro West opera is that it has an annual vocal competition.  This competition has a high school division, ages 13-18, as well has a young artist division, ages 21-35.  I think it's wonderful that they have a competition linked to the compnay, becuase it allows these young people to learn how to submit an application, get head shots prepared and take a professional style audition.  These aspects are also very important to emerging professional opera singers, because lets be honest, we will be taking audition after auditon and we must know how the process works.

The 2014 season looks great as well.


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