Monday, March 24, 2014

Possible Wikipedia Additions

Additions to the "Classical to pop and vice-versa" section under the "Classical crossover" heading on the "Crossover (music)" page
---Considering all of my previous blogposts were in some way related to this topic, it just seems like a prime candidate for the final project.

Additions to the "Notable mash-up artists" section on the "Mashup (music)" page
---I did my senior thesis on mashup artists and their various styles back at the University of Michigan for a musicology class on popular music. I have studied (and enjoyed) mashups of all kinds for over 5 years and I have a wealth of information I could add to this particular page.

Creation of the page Kickass Classical
---This website is known for its "Top 100" list mentioned in one of my earlier posts. I believe they deserve an entry on Wikipedia that could have a list detailing their various "classical charts."

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