Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wikipedia Entries: Considered Topics

Lukáš Olejník

1) Ensemble Contemporaneous

Contemporaneous is a New York-based ensemble of nineteen musicians dedicated to performing and promoting the most exciting music of now. Through concerts, collaborations, recordings, and outreach programs, the ensemble has created a thriving community of artists and audience members united by a shared love for the best music being written in our time. The ensemble was founded in 2010 at Bard College. (promotional text of Contemporaneous) 

2) Ostrava Days 

Ostrava Days is a three-week long institute, which culminates into a 9-day festival. It is a working environment with a focus on compositions for orchestra. With two resident orchestras - the 95-piece Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra and Ostravská banda (circa 35 musicians) - as well as a score of chamber ensembles, conductors, soloists and 35-piece choir Canticum Ostrava, it is one of the largest events of its kind in the world. It is organized biennially and since its inception in 2001, it has made a significant contribution to the music of today. The institute and festival both take place in the city of Ostrava, The Czech Republic. (promotional text of Ostrava Days)

3) Oxingale Music

Oxingale Music publishes the works of award-winning contemporary composers such as Lewis Spratlan, David Sanford, or Luna Pearl Woolf. Oxingale Music publishes scores as well as recordings of the music by their composers. It was funded in 2010 by an American composer Luna Pearl Woolf and a Canadian cellist Matt Heimowitz. 

4) Georges Longy

It is very surprising that Georges Longy, the founder of Longy School of Music, does not have his own entry article at Wikipedia yet. Founder of a recognized music school that is about to celebrate its centennial next year would indeed deserve one.

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