Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Questions for Dean Chin, 11 March 2014

Please comment with your questions for Dean Chin.


Dave Leve said...

As a classical performer and educator, what do you think of the other major genres of music (i.e. jazz, pop, folk, electronic, Broadway, rock, and rap)?

In your opinion, what does it take to be successful as a classical musician/composer in today's world?

Where do you think the future of classical music is going?

Anonymous said...

1) Which skills may be useful for students to learn in order to financially support themselves in the current time, a time that may be starting to value pluralism more highly and that seems to necessitate various changes in the field of classical music organizations?

2) Which methods may be useful for musicians to communicate effectively with the audience?

3) How viable is specialization in music?

Erin Caplan said...

1.) What brings you the most joy from being Dean?
2.) Which aspects are the most difficult?
3.) What has surprised you the most in your Dean career? Are there things you did not anticipate taking on?

Samuel Justin Gabay said...

What is your vision for the future and purpose of Longy?

What are your views on the impact/role of race in music?

Who is your favorite composer and why?