Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Classical Music in Tv ads
With the development of media technology, groups of broadcasting enterprises have been calling the vacant bids for their commercial operation. Among those commercial activities,the television advertisement becomes to the majority part in their marketing competition. A good television advertisement is not only gives the viewer information about specific goods in the popularity of current market, but also magnify the sentient of whatever is being sold. Conspicuously, the television advertisers normally use the classical music along with their commercial advertisements, just like the same way they use the other variety of background music.
Once is a while, we are not easy to find the name of piece that just showed in a short-advertisement between two TV programs, but it’s so impressive to let us humming in our voice and catch the right title in our brain. The following ads are in which classical music or musicians take a central role in the sales pitch.

The first one is the advertisement of a creative cell phone, made of the wood. Japanese investor takes a nature scene as a main feature in this film, the step by step xylophone ingeniously impressing the Baroque music involved with the forest atmosphere until the wooden ball rolling through the last note, then fell down beside to an exquisite device.

Next one is based on a scientific research, which has been proven and well-known by most of musician. Although the past research has shown that cows produce more milk when stress is reduced by classical music, but it’s still make the audiences feel eyes-opening when we actually see this innovatory approach on the milk-selling business, meanwhile, it is a great effort to promote the culture industry as well as the high quality of graziery.

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