Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Questions for Dean Chin, April 22

Comment here with questions for Dean Chin. He visits us again on April 22.


Dave Leve said...

What is the governance between Longy and Bard?

Why was tuition increased?

Why were the financial awards kept the same even though tuition was increased?

Erin Caplan said...

Regarding the teaching artist and El Sistema programs: How many schools has Longy partnered with in the Boston area for these programs?

What are are schools?

What are the opportunities for Longy students in these schools/partnerships after we graduate?

Anonymous said...

1) What may be the role of psychology and/or music cognition in music performance (i.e. concertizing)?

2) Has music outreach conducted by Longy ventured into a penal or intellectually-and-developmentally-disabled environment?

3) What could musicians do more to promote the viability of currently-written classical music in the society?

Anonymous said...

4) What may be an effective way to encourage audience participation in concerts?

Samuel Justin Gabay said...

How could future collaborative events with Bard Conservatory be scheduled to avoid overlapping an important week of school, for example immediately following commencement, during winter break, or before the fall term? (Traveling to the picturesque Hudson Valley to make beautiful music right after the spring semester ends seems like a great way to start the summer.)

What are your plans for Longy's centennial?

What is your five year vision for Longy?

Lukas Olejnik said...

How does Longy School differ from other Boston conservatories? (NEC, Boston Conservatory, Berklee)

Are students at Longy able to arrange for taking music related courses in other Boston schools? If so, would there be a significant increase in tuition?

What is Longy administration doing to promote the school internationally?