Monday, April 21, 2014

Vocalist in Boston Celebrity Series

Boston’s Celebrity Series is devoted to bringing the world’s classical performances to Boston audiencesThis season, they are planning to embrace a new generation of artists on the stage.

On April 17, the series held the Tenor Nicholas Phans’ performance in his first Celebrity Series recital.  Having graduated from the University of Michigan, Mr. Phan is the 2012 recipient of the Paul C Boylan Distinguished Alumni award.  He also studied at the Manhattan School of Music and the Aspen music Festival and school.  His pianist Myra Huang is also an experienced collaborator in the field of vocal accompaniment.  She has served on the music staffs of the Washington National Opera and the New York Opera.

The two artists brought a wonderful night to the audience who love art song.   Their successful cooperation to illuminate the lyrics was intoxicating to the audience as they moved through their music.   As one style of music performance, singing conveys simple and lasting information via the artist’s personal body.  It not only gives people information about the songs themselves, but also combines the musicianship between the musician and our future community.  Vocal music comes close to people’s heart.  It, like all music, contributes to the cohesion of society; but with words and lyrics it is sometimes more apt to. 

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