Monday, April 7, 2014

Rapido! Composition Competition

The Atlanta Chamber Players and the Antnori Foundation have announced their 2014-2015 Rapido! Composition Competition. Rapido! is a 14-day contest that was originally founded back in 2009 to promote new chamber music. This year's contest is to write a 4-6 minute film score based off of one of five different short films. The way that contest works is there will first be registration period beginning on April 28th and continuing until June 2nd at 9:00AM. They have divided the country into five regions: Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West Coast. The competition will allow 100 applicants per region to participate in the contest. Registration will close once 100 applicants are reached for each region. That be The specific instrumentation and form of the pieces will be emailed to all of the composers who are registered on June 9th, and they will be given two weeks to compose their pieces.Of the potential 500 works, 15 semi-finalists (3 per region) will be picked. Each of he semi-finalists will be awarded $500 and their pieces will be performed at concerts in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco in Fall 2014. Out of the 15, 5 finalists will be picked (1 per region). The concert for the finalists will be performed on February 22, 2015 in Atlanta. There will be a $500 "Audience Favorite" prize in which people will go online and vote for their favorite piece. Lastly, there will be one National Winner who will receive a $7500 first price commission to expand their chamber work to 14-18 minutes and it will be premiered around the country by the Atlanta Chamber Players, Boston Musica Viva, Fifth House Ensemble, Voices of Change, and Left Coast Chamber Ensemble in Fall 2015. They will also receive another commission to write a piece for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra to be premiered by January 10th, 2016.

As a composer who has entered numerous composition competitions, it is good to see that this particular contest is not simply composers submitting pieces and hoping for the best. The fact there is a strict timeline for the actual composition of a new piece as well as registration limit on who can actually enter the competition makes this contest particularly unique. This new take on a composition competition makes it seem almost more fun (in my opinion). I will definitely be attempting to enter the contest myself and I look forward to what new music this will inevitably bring with it.


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Caroline Doane said...

I like that even though this is an Atlanta based competition,they are reaching out and performing and bringing even the semi finalists to different cities around this country. Many competitions will be stationary, in one city, still with rounds before they announce the winner, but no outreach. GOOD LUCK!