Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saxophone and electronics

During the past two months in Boston, two concerts involving Saxophone and electronics have been given. The crossover cooperation gave the audiences more inspiration about the sounds existence around in our life.

First one was at NEC Jordan Hall, Composer Jeremy Van Buskirk brought to audiences his world premiere of A sign Felt across the Earth, which was commissioned by Saxophonist Ken Radnofsky, professor of saxophone studies at Longy School of Music of Bard College. The interaction between the saxophone and electronics accompaniment were mixed to a brilliant tone around in Concert Hall. During the performance Prof. Radnofsky played with Dr. Van Buskirk who operated the electronic sounds, which included everything from the surge of the tsunami to the bird garden.  Dr. Van Buskirk has been dedicated to electroacoustic music for a long time.  He teaches music theory at the Longy school of Music.  He mostly uses computer engineering techniques to compose the music.

The other one was held at the Boston Conservatory for their ensemble concert series. Guest musicians Dennis Shafer and David Krebs made their “soundpaints” [i]with the Boston Conservatory Saxophone Ensemble.  The electronic sounds used were original recordings from nature.  They used live electronic software to express realistically moving music phrases.  For the audience the sounds of nature, such as flowing water and humming insects, awaken memories of things like a walk through a forest.

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