Monday, September 28, 2009

Blog Deficiency

I have never been one to seek out a blog before. The only real experience I have had with it up until this point was reading my friends blogs about their adventures in weight loss, about their lives and relationships, or about their children. Ive occasionally glanced over some cooking blogs or what have you in search of specific information, but all in all, im no blog expert.

I did find a blog that I think could be worth sharing. I include the disclaimer that I have not gone much beyond the surface with this yet, but I have a feeling I will enjoy this blog. It is a blog by the composer Eric Whitacre, whom I greatly enjoy. I was introduced to him by a friend who enjoyed his orchestral pieces, and actually ended up singing some of his choral works a few years ago. He is active on Facebook and Myspace, and does as much as he can to keep his fans informed and involved.

His choral piece Sleep is probably one of my all-time favorite pieces. The build at the end gives me goosebumps every time! I found a youtube clip from one of his CDs.

So check out his blog. I know I plan to.

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