Monday, September 28, 2009

A few different sources and stories

Here is a website I found that has links to tons of different music blogs: Top 50 Classical Blogs. You can browse to your hearts desire and find one that fits your viewing pleasure the most. I spent some time looking at Sequenza21 and enjoyed the information it had on there. It has more current news on it rather than the author's personal opinions. But it's a wide variety of information and I found it entertaining.

But there are some articles from the online version of the magazine Muso that I wanted to bring up because they sort of deal with some of the posts that have been made this week. The three articles that I read are at the following links:

I find myself wondering every now and again what would be a good way to bring classical music to the masses without completely abandoning the actual music. There are tons of people out there who play violin or some other traditional classical instrument but they play rock, ska, etc. rather than classical music. I think that helps expose people to the world a little bit but not very much because we cannot rely on them to take initiative to then go and listen to a classical piece played by that instrument. Concerts like the first one in the third link are a good mix of the two. You have a musician/composer who is well known in the pop world showcasing her classical compositions. I believe that this is a step in the right direction in terms of getting the masses more involved in the classical world through these crossover musicians.

All three stories seem to use good ideas to create a blend between the classical world and the other.

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