Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Even a Radiohead fan can appreciate Mozart"

Lloyd Schwartz, Pulitzer Prize-winning music reviewer for the Boston Phoenix called this Boston Globe piece to my attention. Care to comment on it?

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Anonymous said...

It is true. Classical music is music. It is available to every single person out there just like popular music is. Classical music is not this high cultured event that only the most sophisticated members of society can enjoy. Everyone can attend classical concerts and should feel welcome to do so.

All people have the ability to appreciate numerous different types of music. I feel as though many young people, especially non-musicians, do not have any interest in attending a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert in Symphony Hall because they feel as though it is an “elitist” activity. Why does classical music have this “elitist” quality? Where you can only attend if you are educated, etc…? That very concept is what drives away a young audience. Young people do not feel uncomfortable at a rock concert. Why should they at Symphony Hall? Aucoin mentions that he attends BSO concerts in jeans and a t-shirt. While I have never done that, I’m not sure I see much wrong with it. Maybe it is more of that “elitist” concept. If young people will come to the concerts in jeans, I would rather have them there listening, than not at all.

I agree with Aucoin that the BSO College Card is not advertised extensively enough. It is tricky to find on the BSO website. This opportunity should be well advertised throughout all the colleges in Boston, not just the schools of music. Of course, the Conservatory students will attend concerts, but classical music needs to reach the general student population as well. Many of these students in medicine, law and every other discipline are amateur or former musicians, who may really enjoy attending a concert given by the BSO. Then, they will possibly go tell their friends about the amazing concert they heard this week, and will bring more people to the next concert.

Classical music was the “popular” music at one time in history. It is no longer, which is why we need to work even harder to get as many of those seats at Symphony Hall filled as we can. We need a young audience so that this incredible art form will continue to survive. If we do not get more young people in those seats, eventually the audience will greatly decrease. How can an orchestra give a concert for an audience of no one?

Music should be a part of life that is enjoyed by everyone. Classical music is music, and can be appreciated by anyone who will listen. There is no reason for classical music to be a “foreign” concept. It is amazing, and needs to be exposed to as many ears as possible across our world.