Monday, September 28, 2009

"Chopin and the Ghost of Beethoven"


For me, ‘Chopin and Beethoven’ sounds too different, so the title was enough to make me want read this article. As we study, and experience, the two genre’s characteristic is clear.

This is my brief review about the characteristic of each composer

A. Chopin (Romantic period)
-Poetic, lyrical
-Characteristic piece ex) Ballade, scherzo, polonaise, impromptu
-Functional progress

B. Beethoven (Classic period)
-Little invisible rest (accuate)
-His later sonata shows the transition to the next Romantisme .
-Ex) Sonata, symphony
-Much more traditional than Chopin

The writer says Chopin seems not to be inspired by Beethoven, but his influence is seen in his music such as sonata or Impromptu. He tried to prove that in some ways; one is the environmental situation depending on how Chopin moved here and there, second one is some episodes from other musician’s experience with Chopin, and the other one is a specific analysis, comparing Chopin’s music and Beethoven’s one.

Of course, there is an obvious difference between the composers, but I thought when I learn new music for Chopin specially Bb minor sonata and Fantaisie –Impromptu, which is the examples for this article, it would be a good reference for my own interpretation.

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