Thursday, September 17, 2009

“Yeah, I don’t know, I love music becaaaaaaause…”

Breaking down the demographic

The following are my thoughts. If you think of anything else, please let me know!

People enjoy listening to music based on its

1) Virtuosity
2) Ability to make you relate to it
3) Ability to make you experience a ‘spiritual elevation’
4) Ability to remind us of things we hold dearly
5) Ability to learn through it

Or a combination of these elements

1) We respect a virtuoso for his / her ability to execute a complex activity with more proficiency than most

2) We can relate to music based on

a. the fact that some of us know how to make some of those sounds, too and we know just how thrilling that physical experience is

b. the fact that the music and/or lyrics of a piece express feelings that we too feel, but have

never been able to bring out to the surface
ii. never had a chance to share it with the masses
iii. (both i and ii)

3) We can experience a ‘spiritual elevation’ when the music and/or lyrics make us experience a feeling we cannot get from our daily routine

4) We can be reminded by music of

a. a time in our past that we hold dearly and want to relive

b. a philosophy of life that we want to make sure we still live by

c. (both a and b)

5) We can learn from music when it

a. presents musical possibilities that positively surprises us with

i. a fresh approach to an established concept
ii. a new concept

b. presents lyrics that share an experience we haven’t lived but find engaging

c. (both a and b) there anything better?

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