Monday, November 15, 2010

Nice article I received through my email from Mr. Jackson

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for sending this article. It was an interesting read because of these two paragraphs:

"In 1994 Mr. Eicher coaxed Mr. Garbarek and the Hilliard members, all veterans of multiple ECM sessions, to collaborate in a fusion of Renaissance vocal music with gentle saxophone improvisations. The resulting disc, “Officium,” became a surprise hit. Two more albums followed; the newest, “Officium Novum,” issued in October and the focus of Friday’s event, mixes traditional Armenian songs with selections by Pérotin, Mr. Pärt, Mr. Garbarek and others. The concert reaffirmed the eloquence and taste with which Mr. Garbarek insinuates himself into the Hilliard Ensemble’s keenly focused silken sound. Playing soprano saxophone exclusively, he echoed and elaborated on motifs plucked from one vocal line or another, underscoring the music’s wistful, yearning qualities. "

"In the Armenian songs — mostly arrangements by Gomidas, a revered Armenian priest, composer and musicologist — Mr. Garbarek evoked the nasal sound and expressive bends of the duduk, an Armenian reed instrument. Elsewhere his coolly soulful playing conjured a pastel blues."

I thought it was interesting because many people don't really think about saxophone as a sacred instrument. There is a book that I will show you everyone in class tomorrow entitled The Devil's Horn by Michael Segell. It has a different take on the saxophone which I found interesting that goes along with this article Mr. Jackson sent to my email. This is a great book I read probably about 5 years ago, I will read some passages that I found interesting, and see your reactions to it. Hopefully we will all get a chance to read this article and the book sometime over our breaks.


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