Monday, November 1, 2010

Possible Wikipedia articles?


Let me know what all of you think tomorrow, but here are some possible topics that I will do for my Wikipedia assignment:

1.) Christian Lauba - famous composer, teacher, and saxophonist
2.) Saxophone fingerings (surprisingly no fingering charts on how to play the saxophone notes)
3.) Dr. Andrew Boysen - composer/conductor (primarily of wind ensemble music) - worked with Dr. Boysen at UNH in my undergrad, so being in direct contact with him through email might be nice
4.) Doubling - playing more than one instrument (it would be hard to do a conceptual idea of this)
5.) Astor Piazzolla's - Historie du tango (History of the tango) - write about the piece, discuss the movements etc. Surprisingly, a popular piece among flutists/guitarists, and not written about at all on Wikipedia!

The reason I think the saxophone fingerings would be best is because I know what fingerings work. If you didn't believe me as a source, any saxophonist out there that is reading the article can see that I'm truthful in my answers.

There was a lot that Wikipedia had, and there was a lot that Wikipedia didn't have. If you guys have other suggestions of what I should do for my final project let me know- I'm looking forward to this, I can't wait to dive into the world of cyberspace!

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