Sunday, November 4, 2012

Help New Amsterdam Records!

It is difficult for me to imagine the decimation in parts of New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy considering the comparatively mild impact on Boston. By all accounts this was an unprecedented and devastating storm. In addition to providing support through networks of friends and larger organization such as the Red Cross, consider helping out our fellow musicians who were affected. An example of an organization in need is New Amsterdam Records. Since their founding in 2007, this record label has been a model for the production and promotion of accesible and entertaining music. Their mission upon founding was to "serve the needs of New York's burgeoning mixed-genre new music community." (New Amsterdam Records 2012) Flooding from Sandy caused devastating damage to their new building which housed a significant portion of their catalog as well as instruments and other essential materials. Here is an open letter explaining their specific situation and how you can help them.

Connecting New Amsterdam to Longy is not difficult.  One of the composers from the label, Corey Dargel, performed here earlier this semester with Collage New Music. I was fortunate enough to catch this performance and meet him afterwards. His beautiful song-cycle Thirteen Near-Death Experiences (which he sang) was innovative and enjoyable. These qualities are prevalent within the entire record label. If you have ever felt stuck looking for new music that speaks to you, I highly suggest exploring this label's offerings. Once you understand the role that New Amsterdam plays in helping out performers of new music, the need to assist with their recovery becomes urgent.

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