Monday, November 5, 2012

Pro Awesome/Wiki Ideas

I was talking to a fellow classmate today (Robin Rhodes) about music and the topic of terminology came up. As students today, we are expected to write with fundamental skills and fluidity. Furthermore, we are expected to write with mastery of grammar, sentence structure, and overall mastery of the English language if we are to be taken serious in the academic world. I agree with this to an extent, but should we be so strict in our writing so as to segregate ourselves from other groups?

To elaborate, we can say that there some common view of classical musicians as being elitist, or "culturally superior" to the rest of society. With that said, I believe that we should not condemn others for using words that are considered colloquialisms when describing music, using words such as "awesome." When we present our music to the public, we should not expect them to use eloquent language to describe how they enjoyed our interpretation of a piece describing form, harmony, and musicality. If they want to say the music is awesome, let them say the music is awesome. How can we condemn our listeners when they are the ones who support us? We should be encouraging them rather than correcting them.

As stated earlier, I do agree that students should have the ability to write well to be taken seriously in the academic field; however, I believe that there is a time and a place for everything.

Possible Wikipedia Topics
1.My teacher Dimitri Murrath
2.Non-standard classical music venues
3.Modern genres of music (Blending of styles)
4.20th Century Violists

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