Monday, November 12, 2012

Importance of Visual aspect of Performance

A distinctive visual aspect draws people’s attention. This fact is very apparent on visual advertisement or TV commercials. The significance of visual aspect functions as important role for performance (even classical music) too.

We can listen to music through Audio or Radio but music of seeing or watching should be achieved by visiting concert Hall or watching DVD. In every concert, the participants can observe the way of expression of each musician in their own way. Especially, when we go to concert like Symphony, we are able to see behaviors of the conductor, controlling entire body of orchestra. Some conductors behave very similar way for each performance, while other add some more spice on their behaviors. Only performance attendees can taste this spice and fun with it.

Last Saturday, I went to Boston Symphony Hall for seeing the performance of Danil Trifonov. I was not intended to listen to Prokofiev’s piece. However, I change my mind because I am fascinated by conductor’s performance during Danil Trifonov’s performance. He not only looked like dancing on the stage but also enjoyed his job. This fact made me in love with his way of conducting music.

Although Prokofiev symphony no. 5 is very long, he made me feeling very short.

Therefore, the visual aspect of performance should not be neglected and we as performers of classical might think of visually impressing the audience.

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