Tuesday, October 16, 2007

12 Tone, Performer/Audience Relations, and Record Labels

"Unraveling the Knots of the 12 Tones" gives a brief history lesson on Schoenberg's 12-tone system as well as an intro for those who are unfamiliar with it, and places it within a context for today's composers, performers, and audiences. It also has a video going through the same material, but with actual examples to be heard along the way. He describes Schoenberg's development of this system as "The Emperor has no clothes."


I was going to post a couple of other articles but when I just went back to them I was unable to access them: the link went to a page saying you have to be a NYT member to access them. So I looked at them once, it's worth taking a quick peek and seeing if you can as well.

The first was a music review, "A Quartet Climbs Out on a Limb, With Heat and Heart." It talks about the Takacs Quartet taking a break from the usual "make a perfect performance because people are used to perfect recordings" mentality in a recent concert. Not of course, neglecting to play in tune, etc., but if anything along those lines was lacking, who cared anyway? The performance went beyond that.

The second was an addition to the growing list of articles discussing artists leaving labels to go it on there own: "Led Zeppelin to Make Its Songs Available Digitally."

"Are Record Labels Dead?" Madonna is one of the latest big shots to leave record labels for their own deals. She is joining Live Nation. But will Live Nation end up having to make a deal with a label to get the promotion they need for Madonna? "'It comes down to, do you need a label? Possibly not. Do you need the expertise that a label traditionally brought? Absolutely,' Cohen said.


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