Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Georgian Chorus

Tonght I am taking the china town bus to New York City to see a particular visiting chorus. The chorus is from the Republic of Georgia. They are called Zedashe and they sing a range of folk music from Georgia and perhaps some contemporary "Georgian Classical music". After deciding to attend his concert and go all the way to NYC I realized that perhaps this was a form of active participaion in the classical music scene on a global level. As you can imagine I felt very proud, and that I alone was contributing to the music scene.

I think it's very important to support musicians that you think are worth while, even if i means going out of your way to do it. This kind of music excites me a lot more than a lot of "classical" music, or rock music for that matter. I hope my attendance acts as an inspiration for me, so that I might write more glorious music.

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