Sunday, October 21, 2007

my music museum

This is what my imagination has taken me to today. The need for us to explore different music is nesscessary. So this is what I came up with....

We need to put music into a museum literally. I can imagine a museum that is three stories high, holding a room that represents different musical periods, (from Gregorian chants to electronic music; from jazz to free jazz). When you enter into each room, there will be a touch screen computer and a headphone per seat. The computer will let you choose which composers/performers/gener of music you want to hear, and it also lets you to see the composers artifacts and historcial sites that are connected to the composers.
While you're listeining to the music that you choose, you can go to the computer screen, look at the score, or the importance of that particular work too.
Along the sides of each wall, there will be pictures, a brief history, about each composers who represnted that particualr musical period.
Another speical area will be desginated for people to interact with live musicians, and composers, (while snacks and coffee are provided) before their live performance.

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