Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Last lesson we talked about Apple Iphone+Starbucks ads company (the one where you can download the song you hear in Starbucks)...
I want to say that mobile phone companies already having more advanced feature than this...
The music recognition....... if you hear music you like, you just take your phone and it will say who is an artist and name of composition.
The one from Sony Ericsson Walkman series called TrackID™.
"If you ever need to identify a piece of music that you don’t recognise, simply record a few seconds of the track, either via the microphone or by tagging a clip straight from the phone’s FM Radio, and TrackID™ will send the clip to the Gracenote Mobile MusicID™ database. This quickly identifies the track, the artist and album and relays the information back to your Walkman® phone."
I believe some Nokia series 60 smartphones has it and Sync from Cingular(At&t) and Verizon as a provider has such a feature......(needs correction)

If you want to know more about MusicID technology welcome to this site

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