Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Debate on Arts Education

ArtsJournals.com is currently hosting a debate on blog through Dec 5 on Arts Education.  The following is the list of its distinguished bloggers.  Please do check it out!

Sam Hope, executive director, The National Office for Arts Accreditation (NOAA); 
Jack Lew, Global University Relations Manager for Art Talent at EA; 
Laura Zakaras, RAND; 
James Cuno, Director, Art Institute of Chicago; 
Richard Kessler, Executive Director, Center for Arts Education; 
Eric Booth, Actor; 
Midori, Violinist; 
Bau Graves, Executive director, Old Town School of Folk Music; 
Kiff Gallagher 
Bennett Reimer, Founder of the Center for the Study of Education and the Musical Experience, author of A Philosophy of Music Education
Edward Pauly, the director of research and evaluation at the Wallace Foundation; 
Moy Eng, Program Director of the Performing Arts Program at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation; 
John Rockwell, critic; 
Susan Sclafani, Managing Director, Chartwell Education Group;
Jane Remer, Author, Educator, Researcher
Michael Hinojosa, General Superintendent, Dallas Independent School District 
Peter Sellars, director

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