Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my progress on wiki

This week I have been browsing around on Wiki for pages related to "Piano pedagogy", a page that currently does not exist, and one I'm currently constructing.  I noticed that there were many stubs on different musically related terms that exist off in various corners of Wiki, but many provided ill-constructed presentations and misinformed knowledge by people who seemed to merely know the names of the terms, but did not really understand the details of topics.  I'm presenting a partial listing of my work in progress below, so as to show my work this week, and also to spark interests among the pianists in the class to contribute to the listing at their leisure.

-Create "Piano pedagogy" page
*Use "Vocal pedagogy" as model (this page was a very helpful discovery!)
* Provide link to "Pianist" page --> which needs great rewriting!!!
-- I'm tempted to start a "Piano playing" page in the future, and model it after the "Singing" page

-On the "Pedagogy" page
*disambiguation page on "Pedagogy" 
-- create "Pedagogy (musical)" link, w/ brief discussion on musical pedagogy, and links to different pages of pedagogies of different instrumental groups, e.g. "Vocal pedgogy"

-Make contributions and links to following lists:
- Classical piano repertoire
- Classical piano repertoire written for children

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