Tuesday, December 9, 2008

some thoughts on the future

I think having a Wikipedia support group is a great idea. Thanks for suggesting it, Jessica.

I have wanted to put my own recordings on the internet for a sometime now. After this week’s class discussion, I thought I would go ahead open a myspace page. I have to say, it was the most frustrating half hour of my week. I was able to set up an account but could not figure out how to add my music. When looking at the frequently asked questions page I clicked on the question: “How do I upload my music?” The answer was: “They way you have always uploaded your music.” I could not believe it. It ended with me deleting my account. I just expected it to be user-friendly. I do know a lot of people who have put their music up and I they will be receiving phone calls. I have not given up and am determined to post my recordings only before the New Year.

I do think that it is important for musicians nowadays to be aware of all of the different tools available to us. I think that the future of classical music may have a lot to do with self-promotion. There is nothing wrong with that, I guess even if it seems a bit unnatural. I feel like we have to be really creative now. Some of my colleagues from McGill, for example, have created an opera company. Everyone is under the age of 30 and they perform full-scale operas in bars. I wish that I could remember their name. Their audiences usually include many people who would not go to the opera for various reasons but end up staying to listen. The acoustics are always bad, people are loud and possibly intoxicated but it is an enjoyable time and way for these young singers to perform in public. I think there are a lot of different ways in which we can get our music “out there.” We just have to keep an open mind. I’m doing my best.

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