Tuesday, December 9, 2008

kids concerts

I am so glad that Valerie posted about children's concerts. This is something that I've been thinking about lately. At the school where I teach, we try to encourage concert attendance. The students and parents have other little projects to do outside of class, but concert attendance is high up there on the list. When they attend a concert, they have to bring in the program or ticket stub and they get a little prize of some sort (pencils, notebooks, bookmarks...etc.)
The other day, I was handing in a project that one of my students had completed. It was about Grieg. I decided to look through all of the papers, curious to see what the students had done.
Almost all were on different composers, and there were no concert attendance.
In my opinion, the concert attendance seems the easiest. Although, I admit that taking a child into the city, or anywhere, and worrying about time, and if they will behave, etc, are all major issues. Lately, I've been giving them concert ideas. I advertised the Longy family series, and many have already bought tickets, I've advertised the Nutcracker (I know it's not a concert...but the ballet still counts in my mind), but I need to know where more are. It seems that parents just don't know where to look. I've pointed them in the right direction, but does anyone else have any ideas? I know this is something we've been sort of discussing in class.
Help! My parents will greatly appreciate it and I"ll share some of the chocolate and coffee that I'll get at Christmas with you! Trust me...I get tons.....

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