Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Classical musical in recycled orchestra

Do you ever think about the sound of classical music can produced by a pile of trash? Well, a group of talented people from a small village of cateura, Paraguay, which called “Landfill Philharmonic”, makes their music attractively. Today, their amazing video has been subscribed on Youtube by thousands of musicians and people who love the music. In this constrictive orchestra, all the musicians’ instruments created out of literal trash, which most of material comes from recycling stuff and made creatively for them by their community.

The young musicians’ performing has deeply touched me. Through their talented showing, I can fairly been told that classical music like a valuable heritage to build upon people’s artistic conception, moreover, the inhabitants in this village can using their hands to not only succeed the sounds of classical music, but also create the imagination of classical music in the land of slum.

At meantime, this classical music arouses the people’s consciousness of how important about living environment. It is meaningful to tell their audience the fact of their life through the music, because the young musicians represent that not everything is disposable. Just like the words they said: “the world sends us garbage, we send back music”.

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