Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The innovation of Bach music

At the year of 2000, which was the 250 years of celebration of J. S. Bach’s birthday, there was an unprecedented celebration activities showing on the piazza Leipzig, German.  As the major part of this collective celebration, the local government was promoted the classical music performing connect with up-to-date music elements. Thus, the music maestro who comes from all over the world are provided there amazingly virtuosity to this music festival.

One of the brightest stars on the stage should be Bobby McFerrin. His is known for his unique voice and creativity about singing music. In his performances, he gives a lot of imagination that people can thinking about Bach’s music. His improvisation of “Ave Maria” gives me a very impressive memory about the innovation of music performing.  At the beginning of the show, he begins to tell audience how to sing the each pitch in a scale and pairing different groups to sing their certain notes, then, he stands in the middle of the stage by using the conductor position to lead each groups doing the accompany harmony while he improvising a melody over the top. Through his guidance, he brings all the audience to the music as the interactive playing the classical music.

It is unexpected success that this could work. It just goes to show how innovation of music is. He only needed to give the audience a certain range of pitches before they could know the effect of the harmony. More importantly, through the audiences participated, classical music are not only to playing in concert hall with people’s expectation, also can reverberating at the outdoor with people’s participation. 

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