Tuesday, February 11, 2014

NUBERG Composition Contest and a Public Vote

by Lukáš Olejník

… Six young composers and their new works
… Live recordings of premiere performances
… Streaming and public vote open to everyone world-wide

The Chamber Orchestra BERG, a Prague based ensemble specialized in performance of contemporary music, invites you to take part in its annual compositional contest NUBERG. New works of six young composers from The Czech Republic commissioned and premiered by the orchestra in the past year are available to you on a friendly looking interactive orchestra’s web. Streaming is free and can be repeated as many times as needed. Don’t miss your chance to actively take part in the project recognized as The Year of Czech Music, an initiative of the cabinet of music history of The Czech Academy of  Sciences and The Ministry of Culture of The Czech Republic to promote and advertise the whole spectrum of Czech music at home as well as abroad. Past years showed the strength of the competition’s concept. The number of votes collected during 2012 and 2013 terms exceeded one thousand each year.

Motto of this season:
New music … a different cup of tea (coffee)

NUBERG is not afraid to enter public space. Their accompanying events feature new music in more unusual (concerts in old abandoned industrial architecture complexes) and sometimes rather personal context settings. The purpose or a goal is to meet a listener halfway in a space where he or she feels comfortable.

How does the contest work?

The chamber orchestra BERG commissions Czech composers of young generation annually. Live recordings of pieces premiered in 2013 and during all previous seasons (7) are recorded on the orchestra’s own label. Recordings are also available online.

The vote is open to wide public in any country around the world. The internet based system of the vote puts down all the barriers that could potentially arise in a more traditionally designed type of contest. Anyone can vote from any place.

Alongside the public there is also an expert jury that evaluates pieces. In order to ensure the highest measure of objectivity and comparison with production in other countries, the orchestra’s management puts a lot of effort into assembling a representative international panel of judges. Eloquent example of this important proposition of the contest, says the general manager of the orchestra Eva Kesslová, is the participation of an important American composer Joan Tower in the 2012 season.

The contest announces awards in three categories – public, expert jury, jury of young audiences. The third category was added last year due to large amount of votes from schools.

This seasons’s international expert jury:

Composers Michael Gordon (USA) and Michel van der Aa (Netherlands)

Violoncellist Konstanze von Gutheit (Germany)

Music publicist Bernard Clarke (Ireland)

Editor in chief / Czech Radio Public Broadcasting Company – Lukáš Hurník (The Czech Republic)

Artistic director of the Chamber Orchestra Berg – Peter Vrábel (Slovakia)

Pieces entering the competition:

Jakub Rataj (*1984) - Proraketon 
Jan Šikl (*1984) - Skrytý půvab hydrometeorologie
Michal Rataj (*1975) - Spatialis 
Tomáš Pálka (*1978) a Michaela Plachká (*1981) - in-den-BERG-en 
Martin Klusák (*1987) - In paradisum    

The vote is available to you until February 21, 2014.

The link to orchestra's web where the vote can be taken:

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