Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring for Music

The last of four annual Spring for Music festivals will occur May 5 through 10 at Carnegie Hall. The festival "...has been driven by the empowering idea that orchestras, big and small, should take chances and even dream in their programming. Ensembles are chosen to take part not for their institutional clout but for the artistic creativity of their proposed program." The festival has showcased orchestras running the gamut of regional ensembles such as the Alabama Symphony and Toledo Symphony, to this year's showcase of the New York Philharmonic in collaboration with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and Westminster Symphonic Choir on the Requiem by Christopher Rouse, the NY Philharmonic's composer in residence. What a first caliber opportunity for these New York youngsters, as well as Rouse. Subsequent evenings include performances by the Seattle Symphony, Rochester Philharmonic, Winnipeg Symphony (Julian Pellicano, resident conductor), Cincinnati Symphony and the Pittsburgh Symphony. The Spring for Music festival has been well-received by audiences, with ticket prices at just $25. The festival will terminate this year due to difficulty in securing funds and corporate support. Accessed 2/23/14

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