Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Detroit Symphony Partnership with PBS

An invitation from PBS will kick off a new live project by The Detroit Symphony.  The series will be called "Live From Orchestra Hall" and will give the symphony a chance to play on the largest stage they have ever experienced. These live HD webcast style concert will open the doors for many people who cannot get to the hall during their daily lives.   First webcast kicked of on February 14th, featuring conductor Giancarlo Guerrero presenting Rachmaninoff's rhapsody of a Theme of Paganini.  These concerts will happen weekly.

The Detroit Symphony will be the first Orchestra in the world to offer a global free webcast of their concerts.  This is possibly because of the latest PBS application updates, allowing viewers to pull the concert up on their iPads iPhones an other mobile devices.  This will allow anyone with internet or data outlets to see the concert series for free, and from the touch of a button. It will we very interesting to see how this new idea pans out with in the mass media.

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