Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pittsburgh Symphony is to Play a Concert of Music of Queen and Ben Folds!

Tickets went on sale today, conerts on June 17th and 24th!!!

Ben Folds will return to the Heinz Hall stage for his third apearance with the Pittsburgh Symphony on June 17th.  On this concert Fold will play is new Piano Concerto, as well as a pop arangement of all of his popular tunes.  Recently, Fold was one of the judges for "The Sing Off" and is seen as a current icon in todays popular musc world.  Even though Folds is seen as a popular music type of person, he currently serves on the board of the Nashville Symphony.  This is one of the lukiest symophonies in the country because they get to work with grammy award winning artists or all different genres.  In addition to his interest with the Nashville Symphony, Folds has also had a close relationship with the Austrailian symphony, selling record breaking amounts of tickets.  He has also performed with The National Symphony as well as The Boston Pops.  This concert with the Pittsburgh Symphony will surely sell out, and is a wonderful conversion of popular music and symphonic tradition.  Tickets start at $30

Getting this series a little more rock n' roll, arranger/composer Brent Haven will present his show, The Music of Queen on June 24th.  This spectacular will feature a full orchestra, with an amplified rock band and lead vocals.  Playing the key roll of Freddie Mercury will be the same star of The Music od Led Zeplin last year at Heinz Hall, Brody Dolyniuk.  This match will make things super exciting when a traditonal outlet is mixed with different sounds and colors.  Tickets start at $25

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