Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mozart's magic (REVISED)

Once upon a time, there was a story describing a noble prince who was ordered by the mysterious queen of the night to rescue a beautiful princess who had been kidnapped. People used to get deeper into the details of this story by following along with the background music featuring a witty romantic comedy. “Magic flute” is just one of our well-known operas from W. A. Mozart.

Today, the magic flute is the most frequently performed German opera, and one of the top ten operas in the world; the characters of this timeless opera attract a large age range of audiences , many cities’ theatres, or groups of artist, are performing this outstanding masterpiece for the public to give audiences a feast of audio and visual. Fortunately, as one of the Bostonian, I am looking forward to this show featuring the BSO on Mar.30.

From the official news of BSO, this Concert will be updated with dialogue, puppetry, and imbedded with unexpected surprises.  Considering that there are many existing visions of the magic flute, I really hope that this show will embrace the heterogeneous nature of the opera, which will continue to display the glorious classical style of Mozart’s later years.

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