Sunday, November 25, 2007

FCM Sandbox

I have moved Honorable Ruler's Outline to the central class user page for all of us make changes. Plus, I have added the sandbox disclaimer on our user page.

The project seems to huge to deal with on an individual level. Thanks to Honorable Ruler and our thoughts for developing an outline, we have a place to start. I was thinking that if we divide up the outline among ourselves and start fleshing out the section with already existing Wikipedia articles - all of a sudden we have a direction to go. For example, I was thinking that the composers of the class would want to flesh out the "composition" section. I am intersted in the music education section due to my background as a teacher. As you can see, I have fleshed out the music education section and the improv section.

We may want to spend the last few weeks of the class finding articles, judging their quality, and organizing them onto our outline. The next step would be to fix "edit" the articles that are in dire need of help. Plus, this will give the next FCM class a clear place to continue our work.

What do you guys think?

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