Friday, November 9, 2007

Inviting Friends

1. I am going to invite some music friends to see what we're up to on our wiki. I was wondering if people would be willing to make a note of their contributions to wikipedia on their user page, so that anyone can go see what we've already done, rather than keeping it strictly to ourselves.

2. I've also updated the outline (based on our in-class picture) and started getting internal links going. I thought it would be interesting to see what is already available on wikipedia. It's really enlightening. I've started to be convinced that we really can make a great contribution.

To name just a few of the problems with the articles I've linked to thus far:
- "Modern music" might as well not exist - it is the stubbiest stub I've ever seen!
- "Modernism (music) does not cite any references or sources
- "Contemporary classical music" has a section needing citations, and is in major need of some self-referencing help (see all the red text).
- "Tonality" - the factual accuracy of the article is disputed. See the talk page.
- "Twelve-tone technique" - check out the talk page to go to "WikiProject Classical music." The article also needs some "detechnicalization"!
- "Music education" needs a world perspective, not just U.S. Also check out the talk page to see some other issues.

3. I'm just beginning to post my articles by showing what categories in our outline they could support. Would it be worthwhile to start a page with the outline-as-it-goes so that we can all contribute our articles in like fashion?

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IJ said...

Well done, Erika! You've got the right idea.