Saturday, November 3, 2007

Linking to your post

Copy into the body of our blog a posting that includes the URL of the article that you have worked on. Click on the link icon (5th icon from the left, under the Title box) to add a link to the article.

Thus, your Wikipedia contribution, Adam, (for which, thanks) is here: As a link, it would look like this, with "this" being the word that I highlighted before I clicked on the link icon.

Your blog posting would be a good place to amplify your Wikipedia additions. For instance, Adam, you have amplified Howard Frazin's entry. Did you attend the premiere? Did you like the piece? What can you tell us about it? This pediatrician, did he also commission the piece? Were there in fact jazz elements to it?

We're all ears! I appreciate your enhancing Frazin's presence on Wikipedia.

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