Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Updates! (namely on the Longy wiki page)

I just made a couple of small updates on wikipedia pages here and there, including links to my undergraduate school's music department and symphony orchestra webpages. I also updated the Longy page a little, adding the Artist Diploma and Dalcroze Certificate and License (any Dalcroze ppl might want to take a look at it to make sure what I put is reasonable... I just put what I deduced from the Longy website). I added a section for Continuing Studies as well.

I noticed that the wiki pages of some institutions (e.x.. UC Davis and Berklee) have a link for a list of notable alumni. It would be nice for Longy to have one, too, but I don't know where to find this information. Perhaps someone could start it? Also, the wiki page says that Longy is the only conservatory in the Boston area that follows the French conservatoire model, but it doesn't explain what that is, and I dont' know what it is, either. Could someone clarify that?

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wave dancer said...

The Dalcroze section looks good. Dalcroze is really hard to describe in concrete terms.

As far as the alumni, I would ask Melissa ( spikey hiar concert stage staff) about this topic. There's a book she has with the history of Longy. All that I remember off the top of head is Walter Piston ( because he wrote his famous flute sonata at Longy ) and Carl Flesh ( a volinist ). Plus with the president's inauguration - I'm there's a more recent list of alumni in the concert office somewhere...