Tuesday, November 13, 2007

LP and computer

LPs can now be recorded onto your computer or lab-top. All you need is a list of the items you need to accomplish the transfer of your LPs to your computer: some albums, a turntable with a reasonable cartridge, a phono preamp, a pair of RCA cables, a computer with sufficient hard drive space, a software application that can record audio directly to the hard disk in the computer, a hardware interface (AKA, a soundcard), a software application that can record digital audio files to the CD burner in the computer, and some blank digital media.

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Monica said...

In the same vein, it's now pretty easy to transfer MDs to your computer (and on to CDs etc). Maybe you all knew about this already, but I was really happy to discover that I could get my old concert performances transferred to a more usable medium. You just need the program Final Vinyl (same one used for LP transfers) and a cable called an iMike. Brilliant! You can also do simple edits in Final Vinyl, like cleaning up the time before movements, removing over-long thunderous applause... (we hope).