Monday, November 5, 2007

free concert on J.S. Bach on youtube.

Most of you already know about this. When you typed in the name "glen, gould" on youtube. You are going to get Glen Gould plays Bach's art of the fuge, prelude and fuge, goldberg variations, inventions, a clip to his movie, his tour in Russia. You can even get to watch the world-class pianists such as Roslyn Tureck, Angela Hewitt etc. plays Bach also. The internet to the free classical music is phenomena. When new technologies are being used, and popularzied, a lot of man-made mechanics are either demolished, or needs to be upgrade. For example, from LP, to A track, to tape, CD, ipods, iphones, itunes, internet access. Music is free already. Especially, the classical ones. Now, LP records for Glen Gould is as cheap as $1.00. But, the Beatles record is in fact getting more expensive, especially when you get one of those collective items, or ones that with their signatures on it.

Here's the answer that I've been wondering about, that is how does online purchase for $.99 cents per song can be so profitable. The answer by Apple itunes explained that, "out of the 99 cents that Apple charges for a song, about 65 cents goes to the music label that recorded it. Another 25 cents goes for "distribution costs"—mainly credit card charges, but also for the servers, bandwidth, and other expenses needed to operate a large online service. Marketing, promotion, and the amortized cost of developing the iTunes software itself eats up the rest." From an artist point of view, they now have more options as to how to get their songs "out-there." For example, the artist can now sell their CD online, also known as "CD Baby, in Portland, Ore., which describes itself as "a little online record store that sells CDs by independent musicians." The second option is to join the MUDDA organization which founded by Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno. "MUDDA stands for Magnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists, [it] acts as an online collective for artists to sell their music directly to the public." Artists are now able to create, advertise, and sell their music freely among the public. It has no restrained from the record labels. Isn't this is what music is all about?!

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