Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hilary Hahn's website

I wrote a little on this on my userpage, but I didn't want to cut and paste actual text from her website there bc I know Wikipedia wouldn't like it... so I'll just write it here again.

I was just on violinist Hilary Hahn's official website, and she has a page entitled "Opinions" in which she shows a few interviews that she gave to several other musicians who she has worked with on projects and on tour. I thought that 2 of the questions that she asked people were particularly interesting in regards to some of our class discussions over the course of the semester, which were about classical music in schools and applause between movements. Basically, most people are talking about why applause between movements isn't something to get all upset about, and various reasons why classical music education in schools is good for students to become well-rounded, helps develop additional enriching ways of thinking, etc. I just found it really cool to read.

I can't find the link icon on the blog thingy. I'm sorry, I'm lame.

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