Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pictures in Wikipedia

Who knows the exact process? Here's what I recall Bayr's saying: "Upload the picture into Wikimedia, then create on the Wikipedia article a link to the Wikimedia post."

Would someone who knows how to do this kindly elaborate or correct the above statement?


hapkidoroll10 said...

Try this:

On any page in Wikipedia, look at the toolbox on the very left (it's under the Search box), and click on Upload File. Click on the link on the next page that describes what kind of file it is. Then, scroll down and click on the "Choose File" button to upload a picture from your computer. Make a name for the picture in "Destination Filename", but be sure to put .jpg at the end, or whatever type of file it is. Then upload it.

Once the file is uploaded, go to the editing page for the page you want to edit, and above the box are a series of buttons... click on the 6th one from the left that looks like a tiny photograph (Embedded Image), and when it pops up in the html box, replace "Example" with whatever you had named your file in Destination Filename. Then it should appear in your page!

I hope this isn't confusing... I basically just clicked around and eventually figured it out, and to prove it works, I'll post a picture on my userpage in 2 mintues. Good luck!

hapkidoroll10 said...

It's been uploaded! Let me know if you need clarification of my instructions...